June 22, 2016

Dear Prodigal

Dear Prodigal,

But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. Luke 15:20

You have been gone far too long. One day without you in the Kingdom of GOD feels like an eternity without you. The Father misses you deeply and awaits for your return. You turned your back on Him but He never turned His back on you. There is nothing that can compare to His love for you and His plans for your life. Success without Him is no success at all. His plans are far better and greater than you ever could imagine. He designed you so He knows what is best for His child. You walked away because there were some things you experienced and seen that caused you to doubt God and His existence. The enemy planted lie after lie and you could not sift your way through those lies. You started to drift further and further away and soon you were not anchored anymore. You thought that the grass would be greener on the other side but soon realized that you were more alone than you ever had been in your entire life. You thought you had it all but you have nothing when you don't have Christ. There are so many sleepless nights you experience and you take medication to help you make it through the night. Everyone thinks you may have it all together but they don't know that you wake up with a globe size void in your heart. Nothing can feel this void except Jesus! He is the only way, TRUTH and LIFE. He is awaiting your return. We (brothers & sisters) are awaiting your return. You don't have to live another day in darkness but the choice is yours. There is light and life on the other side. All you have to do is repent. Repent is not a bad word, matter of fact it is a gift to us through Jesus. All it means is that you are saying I choose to turn away from that thing that separates me from God. The Father is waiting to forgive you and accept you in His loving arms. There is no better time than now.



June 19, 2016

A Father To The Fatherless (Poem)

A Father To The Fatherless
     By: Nicky

I never have to feel rejected or abandoned again.
I never have to feel lost and without a place in this world.
I never have to feel like I am the only girl without a dad.
I never have to feel that I am not loved again.
You came into my life.
You took my pain away.
You healed my hurts.
You gave me a new heart.
You gave me LIFE.
LIFE in you.
I am treasured.
You are MY FATHER.
The one that holds my LIFE in your hands.
The aroma of your LOVE fills my very being.
I am overflowing.
Overflowing with gratitude.
Because you saved me.
Saved me from a cruel dark world.
You brought me out of the dark into your MARVELOUS light.
I am YOURS and YOU are mine.
Thank you FATHER or better yet, ABBA!
For loving me before the foundations of the world.
I was loved before I was even knitted in my mothers womb.
Love has never left me and never will.
Thank You JESUS.
You gave me the gift of repentance 
And a chance to reconcile with my FATHER.
You are our GREATEST GIFT.
While everyone is spending time with their dads on this day,
I just wanted to Honor my dad, MY FATHER,

Happy Father's Day!

May 26, 2016

A Lonely Road

Being a follower of Christ is not always easy but it is SO worth it. I decided about 10 years ago that I was going to truly follow the LORD no matter what challenges arose on my journey. One of the most difficult parts of the journey is not having anyone to share it with. The Lord has removed SO many people out of my life not necessarily because they were evil beings but the Lord wanted me to lean and depend solely on Him. 

Set Apart

The moment I decided to tell the Lord God "YES" is when my life started to transform right before my very eyes as I pressed in to Him. In 1 Peter 1: 16, it says Be holy for I am holy. The word holy means to be set apart or consecrated. That basically means that my new life in JESUS was not about to look anything like my old life that I left behind. The Lord began to remove my old filthy rags and place His garments upon me. Everything started changing as I learned who I was in Him. 

Everyone will not understand

As I began changing for the BETTER, those around me became uneasy. Instead of gossiping, I wanted to talk about the things of the Kingdom of GOD. Instead of dancing at the club, I wanted to dance for Jesus. My life had become CONSUMED with JESUS and people around me either distant themselves or ignored me. The more I pressed in to the knowledge of JESUS the more I wanted more of Him. I was hungry and thirsty for JESUS. I no longer had a desire for that old life and therefore people started dropping out of my life like flies. 

Lonely but NOT alone

Here it is 10 years later and I am doing just fine as I move forward on this road called DESTINY. I must admit that this road is lonely at times but I am NEVER alone. JESUS did not leave me or you to do life alone. He sent us His Spirit, The HOLY SPIRIT! He is my best friend. He is my COMFORTER (John 14:26). He is ALWAYS with you and me but most do not recognize Him. To deny Him is to deny JESUS. To deny JESUS is to deny GOD THE FATHER. My heart swells with JOY when I stop and think about every part of GOD is with me. Now what can top that?!?!? Absolutely nothing!

May 12, 2016

A Shift Is Taking Place

A shift is taking place. I can feel it. I can sense it. I am not crazy. My spirit is in tune with GOD's spirit (Holy Spirit). With all that is going on in this world, GOD is still GOD. He does not change (Malachi 3:6). He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more (Hebrews 13:8). Many think GOD is dead or they simply do not believe He exists at all. But I am here to tell you that GOD is alive and He REIGNS in Heaven and on EARTH. We are about to witness one of the greatest move of GOD that this world has not seen or heard before. 

We limit GOD by placing Him in our confined space of thinking.

GOD is GOD all by Himself. I believe that we as a church have confined Him to man made religion. All these denominations have only created barriers between the people of GOD. Just imagine if every one of the churches you see on every corner would unite and stand together in prayer. There would be no devil in hell causing havoc in our community and city. While the church is busy fighting each other the devil is running rampart in our cities. When we get to Heaven there will be no black church, white church, protestant church, methodist church, baptist church or the many others that are out there. Our foundation is the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Himself and everything else needs to be removed.

Lord, break down the walls that we as a church have erected that are keeping us from functioning in your truth and power in Jesus name, Amen.

The GOSPEL is  powerful all by itself. All the GOSPEL needs is a willing vessel that will preach it to the ends of this EARTH without compromise. We have seen in the revivals long ago how GOD moved in unprecedented ways just by preaching the GOSPEL. There were miracles, signs and wonders that took place as the GOSPEL went forth. They would set up tents in the middle of the communities and cities and the spirit of GOD would draw people there even from distant lands. As people would come to these meetings they would not leave there the same. They were TRANSFORMED. Why do we attend church, Sunday after Sunday and still there is no change. We come in the same way and leave the same way. That is not the will of the Lord. Stand with me in prayer for the body of Christ.

God is in Control.

No matter what it looks like right now just know that GOD is working everything out for the body of CHRIST good. This has not caught the Lord by surprise. Scripture is being fulfilled as we speak. But everything within me is telling me to rejoice because GOD is already moving. The Lord is raising up a people that no one has ever heard before. They are are sons and daughters of GOD that He has been preparing in secret. They are SOLD out to JESUS. They are going to walk in their GOD GIVEN IDENTITY with such power, grace, truth and authority! For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of GOD to be revealed (Romans 8:19). They are coming. They are here.

Get Ready.

May 10, 2016

Who Validates You?

Dear Butterflies,

Why do we need things in life to VALIDATE us like a man, marriage, social status, multiple degrees, makeup, clothes, cars, house, titles, positions, etc.....?!?! We gain these things only to find out that there is still a VOID in our lives. We are not happy but yet we portray to be. We want others to believe the mirage of a life that we are living. Who are we truly fooling? We are fooling nobody but ourselves. 

We post quite a few selfies on social media daily. Why? Because we are in need of validation. We crave the "likes". The more "likes" the better. You see if there are not enough "likes" to your standards then you become sadden. You began to internalize why you didn't receive that many "likes" on that particular picture. You start to think of ways to gain more likes on the next selfie. That is why you see women posting half naked pictures or parts of their body on the Internet. It is that crave for attention and acceptance that we see that is the underlying problem.

See many of us didn't have fathers growing up. The father was absent in the home. Usually little girls get their validation from their fathers. By the father not being in the home, that leaves a void. A void that many of us fill with material things or people who are no good for us. We didn't have the luxury of our fathers telling us "HOW BEAUTIFUL WE ARE" and "HOW SPECIAL WE ARE" so we turn to things like social media to get our views from total strangers. There is nothing wrong with posting a picture of yourself but what is your MOTIVE behind posting the picture. That is the question.

We are SO much more than the eyes can see. 

If only we could understand that we are SO loved and have been validated since 2000 years ago when GOD sent His ONLY son JESUS to die a death that criminals die to save us. Our old life is nailed to that cross. We become NEW in Him. All we have to do is choose HIM. Seek Him. Then we will know. We will know who we are and whose we are. We must fill ourselves with His truth so that lies have no space in our lives.  We are giving away too much energy on other folks opinions of us when in reality they don't matter. What matters is what GOD thinks of you! He created you. He designed you. 


We become complete in the Lord when we surrender our lives to Him. He takes over and fills us up with His Spirit. I know there are many of us who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We desire a change. That change starts with us taking the first step and asking the Lord to let HIS PERFECT will be done in our lives. His will is SO much better than ours. Our lives will never be the same again when we hand it over to Jesus. It will be better than we EVER could imagine. The things of this world will pass away but that which is of GOD is eternal.

Warm Regards,


May 05, 2016

Mental Health Awareness

President Obama signed a PROCLAMATION on April 28, 2016 stating that the month of May is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH. I am so glad that WASHINGTON is taking notice of the mental torment people are facing in their day to day lives. Hopefully we can get rid of stigmas that are out there and people can get the necessary assistance they need. 

Whatever you are facing 

Bi Polar Disorder

there is HOPE & HELP.

If you have been following my blog then you know that I battle with depression. It has truly been a difficult journey at times but there is a regimen in place to help me make life a little easier. Please spread the word and get educated on mental health because someone you know may be affected with one of these debilitating illnesses. We need to bridge the gap to mental health so that we can get understanding to save lives.

Go Green!

May 02, 2016

Come Away With Me

Dear Butterflies,

I just wanted to share with you what the Lord has been pressing upon my heart these last few weeks. This word is not only for me but the Lord has you in mind as well. I was in worship one day about two weeks ago and I heard the Lord say "Come Away With Me." I kept singing these words over and over again until a peace came that pushed out every frustration and worry I had. Every burden had been lifted and there was so much joy in His presence. If you are in need of JOY, please get in His presence. There is so much calamity going on around us and we need to make time to dwell in His presence.

Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to spend time or seek quality moments with the Lord. We get up in the morning, checking our phones, preparing breakfast for the kids, getting things in order for the day, and rushing out the door for work. Only if we would be still and hear what the Lord is saying in that moment or for that day then our lives would not be so chaotic at times. We say we dont have enough time but we make time for things that really matter. As believers, we need to trust GOD with our time. After all, He created time! 

It is time that we turn back to our first LOVE and make Him first priority in our lives. He desires to be apart of our lives daily. He wants to be able to give you solutions for problems on your job. Instead of engaging in gossip with others on your lunch break, the Lord wants you to come and talk with Him. He desires to give you wisdom on how to restore your marriage or win your husband over for the Kingdom of God. Instead of spending time on dating websites, the Lord wants you to spend it with Him. Allow Him to direct your path during your season of being single. Make GOD first and everything else will fall into place.

Enjoy these words given to me by the Holy Spirit:

Come Away With Me
Come Away With Me
Come Away With Me,
My Child.
I want to take you deeper. 
Deeper than you ever been before.
There is so much I want to tell you.
Don't be afraid. 
My love will lead the way.
Come Away With Me
My Bride.

Love & Light,


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