October 17, 2016

His Masterpiece

His Masterpiece
by: Nicky Cash

I was intricately woven by the Creator's Hand in my mother's womb. 
He became the artist and I became His canvas. 
Every detail of my being  painted with strokes of His love.
He delighted in me.
Melodies filled the very atmosphere of His gallery.
He sung over me.
The sound of His voice permeated my soul and caused my heart to take its first beat.
He brought me to life.
The once blank canvas was now filled with vivid colors of His Grace.
His masterpiece.
I became a reflection of Him.
No longer a thought but a reality.
A reality of His very existence.
He created me in His perfection,
Piece by piece.
I am a beautiful portrait of His Likeness.
An ode to God.
His beloved bride.
Awaiting His return in the chambers of His heart.
Until we meet again,
Forever His.

September 29, 2016

Grandma's Faith

(A Poem)

I can no longer live off my grandma's faith.
She's no longer here and she has taken the faith I once knew.
I must get my own faith.
But how?
How do I even get that faith the size of a mustard seed?
I don't even have enough faith to move anything except the doubt, confusion, and worry that travels through my mind.
I have been in this place way too long.
It is time for change.
Within the depths of my soul, I know I was born for more.
My grandmother left me a legacy.
She left me Jesus Christ!
I will stand on my own two feet.
I am seeking Jesus for myself just like my grandmother did.
I am diving in head first so that my mind can be set free from the torment of yesterday.
I am ready.
I am ready to stop making excuses and live the life I deserve through Jesus.
I will not hold back any longer because time waits for no one.
I am believing that one day I will have the faith my grandmother had.
But for right now, I will settle for the mustard seed.

                                                                                                  -Written By: Me (Nicky Cash)

September 14, 2016

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

I have seen your countless tears and I have collected everyone of them. Nothing gets by me. I see everything that concerns you. I am nearer than you think. I am always with you. I have never left you. I wait every morning to hear your voice and to see your face my beloved. I treasure you and each moment that we spend together. I am your FATHER and what FATHER doesn't long to be with their children! I long to spend every awakened moment with you. 

My greatest desire is for you to know me. I want you to have a revelation of who I AM! When you  know who I AM then you have no worries or fears because you TRUST ME. You understand that you are deeply loved and there is no room for insecurities in your life because I complete you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in my image. You are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with you. Your flaws are beautiful to me.


Freedom is here my child if you so desire it. I desire for you to be FREE in who I created you to be. You have my permission to be who I fashioned you to be. You are my masterpiece and formed in my GLORY. You are chosen. Chosen to be light and the salt of the earth. You are the flavor the world needs my darling child. You are a light to their darkness. DO NOT FEAR! Fear will only stop you from doing what I have purposed you to do. You are MORE THAN a conqueror. You are victorious because I payed a price for you to be FREE!

I love you with an ever lasting love. A love that will never die. My love for you is eternal my beloved daughter. With all that is going on around you, keep your eyes fixed on me. Step out of the boat and come into the deep. The deep is where I am and I want you there also. I want to take you places that you can not even imagine. There are places and people that I have assigned to you that are waiting on you my dear child. They need what I have given you. You were made for this and you can do it all through my son, Jesus. 



August 28, 2016

Draw Nearer

Dear Butterflies,

I pray that all is well within your soul. I pray that you know what season you are in and the things God is trying to teach you in this season of your life. I want you to know that you are definitely not alone. God is SO with you and walking alongside of you as you journey forth. Be encouraged and know that GOD is developing you into His image. We are His image bearers. What an honor to reflect the image of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ! 

We must learn to embrace the process and enjoy the journey as it teaches us who we are and WHOSE we are. Sometimes we get so frustrated and we start to complain. As history tell us those that complained did not make it to their promise land. I don't want that for either of us. Let's tame this tongue of ours and speak life continually no matter what is going on around us. It is a daily process to crucify this flesh of ours but it must come subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ or it will lead us astray. 

Jesus is cheering us on to the finish line and I am cheering for you as well. I believe in you and I know that you can fulfill all that God has placed within you. He has given you everything you need to run with the vision. Even when you can't feel Him or hear Him just know that He is there. His word is tried and true! Fill yourself daily with His truth so that it will sustain you especially in those challenging seasons. Surround yourself with people who will speak life into you and your dreams. People who will build you up and not tare you down. You are valuable to God and His kingdom. 

Rise Up and Shine!

I love you but GOD loves you most of all! You are loved and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change His mind about you. He has not left you nor forsaken you my dear sisters and brothers. In these trying moments of our lives we get to understand and know the facets of GOD. He is asking us to come deeper in Him so that He can take us higher. The Father wants His children to soar like the eagle they are but we must come away with Him in the secret place. It is there we will be transformed from the inside out. He wants to entrust us with His secret mysteries of the Kingdom. Run after Jesus with all that is within you. Now is your time to Soar!!!

Love & Light,


August 01, 2016

Time of Purification

The story of Esther has to be one of my favorite books of the Bible. My fingers have graced the pages of Esther numerous times and the Holy Spirit always gives me a fresh word every time. What a profound story about a orphan turned Queen who saved the nation of her people. The Lord can take an ordinary person and turn them into extraordinary. Only Jesus can do it! In this season the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me concerning Esther 2:12. It is there the passage gives us the break down of what was to take place before the maidens were to see King Xerxes.
The maidens went through a purification process that lasted twelve months. The first six months of the process involved the oil of myrrh. And the second half of the process involved sweet perfumes and with others things for the purifying of the women. I want to hone in on the oil of myrrh.  Oil of myrrh is used for healing and clearing up the skin. So for six months the women bathed in the oil of myrrh. The oil of myrrh healed any preconditions the women had and cleared up their skin. Once they were finished with that process of extracting impurities then they were ready for the sweet perfumes to fill their bodies.
In this modern day time, the oil of myrrh represents the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our guide. He is our Spirit of Truth. He leads us into all Truth. The Holy Spirit knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows the things that we cannot see concerning ourselves. There are some things that we have suppressed because they were traumatic. Because these things have been suppressed they are causing problems in our everyday lives. The Lord wants us to be made whole. In order for us to be made whole we have to go through the purification process.
Many of us find it very difficult to go through the purification process because it digs up painful memories of our past, childhood, relationships, and so forth. This is where trust comes in. We must allow GOD to have His way in us so that we can be set free. In order for us to trust GOD then we must come to a place of intimacy with Him. The more time we spend in secret with Him the more we will be able to allow Him to fix our lives. Yes, it is going to hurt and be very uncomfortable but this process is necessary in order for us to grow and receive all that GOD has for us.
The enemy wants to keep the children of GOD bound by our past. Many of us are surviving but we are not living. Jesus came so that we can live the ABUNDANT life, a life of love, peace, and joy in every area of our lives. I would have you know that many of God's children are living beneath the lives the Lord has ordained for them. I don't want to be in that category and I know you do not as well. We must come to a place of surrender and surrender our will so that God's will can take over. We can no longer allow the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy our lives. It is time to contend for your promises.  You contend by allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way in you.
I have already begun a deep cleansing and it has caused me to lean into Jesus even more. The Lord has brought up pain from within me that I didn't even know was there and through my tears I released it to Jesus. I am not afraid anymore because I know fear is a tactic of the enemy to keep from foregoing the purification process. The Holy Spirit is a comforter so therefore in those uncomfortable moments the peace of GOD wraps around me like a shield. I press forward knowing that I am not only doing this for my future but for my sisters out there who are bound and need to be set free. It is purification time!

July 24, 2016

It's Working For Your Good!

Dear Butterflies,

As I have been in deep fellowship with the Lord lately because it is the place where I find solace, the Lord dropped a scripture in my spirit. The Holy Spirit laid Romans 8:28 on my heart and it reads:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I had to read this scripture over and over to myself out loud. And then it dawned on me that I need to be patient because everything is working for my good. Even though I can't see it doesn't mean that God is not moving behind the scenes because HE is. Everything that we are currently going through and have previously experienced is WORKING together for our GOOD. The Lord is preparing us for greater. In order to be great we have to go through the process. The process is what makes us great. Many of us have went through some trials that nearly took us out but it didn't because we were born to overcome. Jesus has given us the grace we need to overcome the opposition we face. It is imperative that we keep our mind looking to the hills (Jesus) because that is where our strength lies. We will drown ourselves by focusing on our earthly circumstances that will not change unless we change. As I face trials I ask the Lord to allow me to see through His lenses and not my own. I understand that there is a lesson in that storm and I want to pass the test so I want have to go through the same storm again. In the midst of the sufferings and trials we must know that GOD has not left us nor forsaken us. Yes, those times are very scary at times and you feel so alone but in the midst rejoice because JESUS has overcome the world. We don't always understand the ways of the Lord but we must trust the fact that He know the plans He has for us and they are working for our good.

You Are So Loved,


July 14, 2016

Wounded In The Church

The Lord has been speaking to me concerning those who have been wounded in the church. I believe in this hour THE FATHER (GOD) is sending out a mass altar call to those who have been hurt by the church. I along with some other ministers of GOD have met people outside the church who no longer attend church because of painful experiences inside the church.  The Lord desires for His children to come back home. Jesus wants to bind up those wounds and set you free.

Well first let me start off by saying that if you have been wounded by the church then you are not alone. I experienced first hand what it feels like to be wounded by those you have been fellowshipping with for years. I attended a church that I simply loved and couldn't wait to get there on Sundays. I attended the church for about seven years faithfully. You could say I knew almost all the leaders and they knew of me. My children went to Sunday school with their children.

At the latter end of that seven years my marriage started to dissolve so my husband and I separated. During the separation, I could no longer afford the two story house on my own so we lost our home. My children and I were homeless. We literally fit all the belongings we could fit in a 2001 Buick Century along with ourselves.  All I had in my bank account was 300 dollars to my name. We were able to pay for one week stay at a shabby motel by the GRACE of GOD and after that my account was zero dollars. 

We attended church with all our things still inside of our car the next day. I was not in the best state of mind at that time. I knew that I had to ask my church family for help. I remember after church service I went up for prayer and told them my story. They basically told me that they will pray for me. A single woman with three kids who just lost everything and that is all you tell her. I was crushed. I was not new to the church and even if I had been that is no way to treat anyone.

The next day I decided to send out an email to one of the leaders at the church. He was head of the finances for those in need. I really just needed to talk to someone because I felt so lost. In the email, he stated he would call me. Honestly, I was looking forward to that call. The call never came. He eventually sent me an email and told me he was sorry and that he had two 25 dollars gift cards at the front waiting for me. I never felt so low in my life. No one ever checked on me to see how I was doing or if I was still alive.

What hurt me the most at the time is that they not only did this to me but to my three beautiful children. I wanted to leave the church but the Lord did not release me until a couple of months later. I remember thinking that the mission of the church was to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. Jesus said what you do for the least of these you do for Him. Then I understood that what they did to me they also did it to Jesus. I never bashed the church or spoke negatively of my former church home. I barely told anyone what happened. I had never felt so alone. 

If you cant depend on your church family to help you in your time of need then who can you depend on is what I thought to myself. I immediately knew that I had to forgive them or else the Lord would not forgive me. Jesus knew what they had done but He was teaching me about GRACE at that moment as well. The same GRACE that He has extended to me over and over again should be extended to those who wounded me. Jesus also suffered at the hands of the church as well. He knew exactly what I was going through. 

During that time the Lord showed me that one day I would have a ministry and that I would have compassion for the homeless or those in need because of my experience. The Lord takes everything you have been through and works it all out for your good. I understand now that I put my trust in NO MAN. My trust is in JESUS CHRIST because HE will NEVER fail me. Sometimes we as CHRISTIANS do not do a good job of being an AMBASSADOR for CHRIST. We misrepresent HIM and it causes others to leave the church and some leave the faith all together.

There is hope! Jesus is our hope. The Lord is sending out a call to all those who have been wounded and rejected by the church. Now is the time to release all that bitterness, anger, resentment and unforgiveness to those who hurt you in the church. Give it all to JESUS because HE cares for you. You might be saying right now, "Nicky, I cant forgive them." Or you might be saying "You do not know what they did to me."  You are right. I do not know but Jesus knows exactly what you went through. Do you know what Jesus went through so that you could be saved from Sheol??? My dear sisters and brothers you MUST forgive. There is no other way around it. 

Forgiveness is for you and you are holding yourself prisoner by not forgiving them. You are giving them power to control your life. Every time you think of them your stomach churns and your face frowns up. That is the power they have over your life. Give them and the situation over to the Lord. You will never be able to walk in the fullness of your destiny if you do not forgive. Do not allow them that wounded you to hold you back any longer. You cant forgive in your own strength but you can with the Holy Spirit. Cry out to the Lord. Let it go and allow Jesus to heal your wounds. 

One thing I know for sure is there is no perfect church except the one Jesus is coming back for. I pray that you have forgiven those who have hurt you and that you will be led by the Holy Spirit to a church where you can GROW in the LOVE of GOD. We need you my dear brothers and sisters. Don't allow what they did to represent who the TRUE VINE is in your life. He is your life source. God is a GOOD GOOD Father! He loves you with an everlasting LOVE. He will never leave you nor forsake you even when you walk away. That is true love. You were created for more. If you need prayer please feel free to hit that PRAYER REQUEST button at the top. I want to pray for you so that you can fulfill ALL that GOD has placed upon your life. It is restoration time!

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