April 21, 2016

My God Is Bigger!

About seven years ago, the Lord gave me a vision that blew my mind. I could hardly believe that He would entrust me with a vision on such a large scale. I was scared. Better yet, I was terrified. My mind could not comprehend the task that was given to me so I allowed the vision to overwhelm me to the point of no return. Yes, I laid the vision down and did not run with it. You may think that I am a horrible person but I know that I am not the only one that has allowed fear to immobilize them. I allowed fear to become bigger than my vision and my GOD.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2016 and the Lord placed it on my heart to begin again. He gave me the vision once again. I thought He had given it to someone else because I layed it down. I believe the Lord knew that I was going to make such a foolish mistake and extended even more GRACE to me to finish what He had given me. A light bulb moment came on in my head and I realized God wouldn't have given me this vision if He didn't believe that I could do it through Him. I need to believe in the woman God created me to be and allow His PERFECT LOVE to lead the way.

Although this vision is SO much bigger than me, I know that GOD will direct my steps. I am way out of my element and very uncomfortable so this a recipe for an awesome testimony of FAITH. I am a single mother with limited resources but I serve a GOD who is limitless and OWNS it all. Therefore I will put my TRUST in the Lord and lean not to my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). This time, I will not allow fear to delay or destroy my destiny. I am holding on to the Lord with everything within me to see this vision fulfilled. Even though fear will try to rear its ugly head, I will not be afraid. I will look at it in the face and move on by. Why? Because my GOD IS BIGGER!!!

April 17, 2016

I Have to Believe

Music has always been apart of my life since I was a child. I have to have my music. I listen to music that inspires my soul no matter the genre. I am always looking for new artists and new music.  So if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them in the comment section. When I was going through a hard season last year, I came across this song on Pandora called I Have to Believe by Rita Springer. She is an AMAZING worship leader and mother. I secretly desire to be a worship leader bc I absolutely love reaching the heart of the FATHER. The lyrics to this song were meant for me and I knew God was with me for sure even in my darkness. I would listen to this song multiples a day and it uplifted my spirit many days. 

One of the many ways God speaks to me is through music. A song will come on while I am driving down the freeway and it is exactly what I needed to hear. Or I will be sitting down in a restaurant and I hear sweet melodies that remind me of His love for me. I am constantly in AWE of Father GOD. He is absolutely a GOOD GOOD FATHER and His GRACE has given me the strength to rise up and move forward. I am so OKAY as long as ABBA is here with me. I truly dont understand His ways all the time but I have to believe that nothing will ever separate His love from me (Romans 8:38) and that EVERYTHING is working for my good (Romans 8:28).

I hope you ENJOY this song as much as I did! Click here.

April 01, 2016

Being Candid

Dear Butterflies,

In the last few weeks, I have been twisted all up in my emotions. Emotions at times can become very unstable and we must subject them to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Get thee behind me, you RECKLESS emotions! LOL. On a serious note, a situation arose and wrecked my body with pain. For the first few days after the incident, I didn't have an appetite, nor did I want to communicate with anyone. I drew myself away from the world and into the arms of GOD. As I layed in His arms, HE told me to TRUST HIM. As the tears were streaming down my face, I told the LORD that I TRUST Him. I stayed in the face of GOD to pull me through. Hearing His voice and sensing His overwhelming presence comforted me like none another. I choose to believe that EVERYTHING is working together for my good (Romans 8:28) even though it doesn't feel good right now or things seem hopeless but they are not. I understand that I have to press pass the pain and move into power. The enemy wants us to stay in a defeated posture but the WORD of GOD in Romans 8:37 says THAT I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. We have the victory even though it looks as if we are loosing. Looks can be very deceiving so that is why we WALK BY FAITH and NOT SIGHT(2 Corinthians 5:7). 

When you are in a vulnerable state that is when the enemy comes rushing into your thought life. I had all types of negative thoughts to bombard my mind and I started to feel defeated but the GOD IN ME ROSE UP! I started speaking out LOUD what the LORD says about me and my life according to His Holy Word. See the enemy knows that sometimes you are too tired to fight or pray that is when you have to dig deep and pray in the SPIRIT. I thank GOD for my heavenly language. As I pray in the SPIRIT, I am strengthened to pray and warfare if I have too. The Lord has given us the necessary tools to overcome but we must utilize them daily. Trials will come but it is how we respond that matters. The Lord is building our FAITH in HIM. WE must continue to GROW in our FAITH. In James 1:2 the BIBLE tell us to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials of many kinds because we know that the testing of our FAITH produces perseverance. We must allow GOD to do what He desires to do in our life so that we may be mature and complete, lacking nothing as it says in the second verse of that passage. God is within us and we will not fall (Psalm 46:5).

Love & Light,


March 08, 2016

Labor of Love

Prayer is my lifeline.
It is the very air I breathe.
Without it I die.-Nicky C.

You can say that the Lord has been training me up to be an intercessor since I was a young school-aged girl. I had no idea what an intercessor was back then but I was taught to commune with God at an early age. One of my earliest memories of prayer was seeing my great-grandmother (Big Momma) on her knees night after night calling on Jesus. My grandmother was a tall, bright woman and her knees were black due to praying on her knees every night. She would pray for her entire family and I know that her prayers covers us today! Big Momma planted the seed of prayer in my life and now I have grown by the grace of God into an intercessor.

It's funny how a woman that I was fond of in the church I attended years ago told me that I would never be an intercessor. She mentioned that I had to be chosen by God and basically I was not. I felt some kind of a way about the entire conversation but I kept on interceding. I did not allow her words to keep me from doing what was burning on the inside of me. I realized now that she was speaking from a broken place, a place of pain. Even in that moment of time God was teaching me to pray for those who mistreated me and to not allow myself to be offended. When seeds of offense are planted, it sets up for bitterness, resentment, anger, unforgiveness, and so forth.  Our prayers loose their effectiveness when those things take root so we must see beyond what we feel.

My children can testify of the countless number of hours that I have spent in prayer. Prayer is the norm in my home. If they get sick the first thing they ask for is prayer. My children have seen what prayer can do! I have a prayer closest but I can pray anywhere, anytime of the day. Prayer is not a chore for me, it is my life and I absolutely love standing in the gap for others. It is truly an honor. I am honored that God would trust me with the issues of the heart of His children. He allows me to see beyond what I see in the natural so that I can be effective in my prayers. Sometimes we can miss the mark but if we are lead by the Holy Spirit we can hit the bull eyes every time.

Being an intercessor is so rewarding because you get to partner with God to see the lives of others change for the better. The changes do not take place over night and it may be years before you see a change take place. But you know that as you pray walls are being torn down, one by one. My passion for the lost, broken, and bound is what keeps me on my face before the Lord. There have been times were my clothes were drenched with sweat because of the intensity of the prayers. There have also been times where the Lord has quickened my spirit to stop with my daily activities and pray immediately. A family member of mine was saved from an explosion because of the prayers that went forth out of my spirit. All GLORY to GOD!

There is a constant battle waging against the people of God and we must learn to fight the right battle with the right weapons. You might not be called to be an intercessor but you are called to pray. That is a duty of every follower of Christ. If we want to see our communities and nation changed for the better then we MUST pray. The enemy has caused many to abandon their post with the worries of this world. I see the word RETURN as I type this post. The Lord is asking us to RETURN back to our post and pray!!! Pray for families, marriages, and children. Pray for those seeking election as the next President of this country. Change begins with prayer! Let's all unite and see the prayers of the righteous avail.

February 24, 2016

Sending Encouragement Your Way

Greetings Butterflies,

This morning as I was driving to drop off my kids, there was a car in front of me that was quite unusual. The uniqueness of the car caused me to look at the license plates. The license plates read "QUEEN" and at the bottom of the plate a sticker read "Have a Magical Day." I immediately wanted to share this with my readers. I believe the Lord wanted me to encourage you today. I do not know you by name, but the Father does. And you are so SPECIAL to Him. He has not forgotten you and He knows EXACTLY what you are going through. Your situation does not define you, God defines you. This is not the end of your story. It is just the beginning! My dear sister you are royalty. You were bought at a price and now you sit in Heavenly places with the KING OF KINGS. Rise above what you see here on Earth as you look to hills. Your help and strength comes from the Lord thy GOD. The FATHER did not bring you this far to leave you but to only build you into His masterpiece. Oh my dear sister you will arise and shine because His glory is upon you. I see God placing a crown upon your head and you are being adorned with garments chosen specifically for you. You are SO LOVED by GOD! 

A Prayer For You

Father, ABBA, I cry out to you on the behalf of my sisters that are in an unfamiliar place. They are weary and scared but GOD you are GREATER than anything they are facing. Lord you have not given them a spirit of fear but LOVE, POWER, and a SOUND mind. I pray my sisters will reject what you have not given them and receive your love which CAST OUT EVERY fear. You are their refuge and fortress. You are their shield and buckler. I pray that my sisters will dwell in the shelter of your arms because that is the place they will find REST. As they REST in you they will gain strength to keep pressing forward. Lord I thank you that ANGELS surround them to protect, defend, and preserve in Jesus MIGHTY name, Amen. 

Have A Magical Day,


February 16, 2016

Psalm 23 Saved My Life

When I was going through what seemed like a spiral into the abyss, the Lord placed on my heart Psalm 23. You know many of us know this psalm because they taught it in Sunday School when we were kids and we would recite it often in the church. I have read this psalm numerous times throughout my walk with the Lord but this time the Holy Spirit gave me a view through His lenses. The doors where being shut as I reached out for helped and the only thing that would get me through is reading GOD's word and BELIEVING it.

Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
he restores my soul.
He guides me in the paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Even though I walk 
through the valley of the shadow of death, 
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff comfort me.

You prepare a table before me 
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all
the days of my life:
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. -NIV

I would recite Psalm 23 in the morning before I went to work, during the day and before I went to bed. This went on for weeks. The more I spoke His word out loud, my spirit came alive. Then one day Jesus so kindly spoke to my heart and said, "Let me be your shepherd." I was moved to tears. I realized that I was trying to do everything on my own and Jesus wanted me to rest in Him. He wanted me to rest in His truth and His love. This was all new for me but the Lord because of His goodness took me moment by moment. I allowed Him to guide me and lead me safely through the valley.

Because the Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need in Him. He is the TRUE VINE which all LIFE flows from when you are CONNECTED to Him. We must stay connected or we will spiritually die. I believe the Lord purposely closed all doors so that I could run into His arms and totally depend on Him. It was just me and Jesus. When I could barely get out of bed, I called out His name. And before you know it, my feet were hitting the floor getting ready for work. There were days that I could barely eat but His word filled me instead. The days were extremely tough to get through but the word of God comforted me each moment. I literally was living and standing on the the LIVING WORD. 

Psalm 23 saved my life. It pulled me out of the abyss and into the marvelous light of Jesus. There are days when curve balls are thrown my way but I choose to BELIEVE GOD and not what I see or feel. This might sound crazy to some but this is my truth. The word of GOD is ALIVE! It is POWERful. It is HEALING. It sets you FREE. During that season, I lived on bread alone, the bread of LIFE. Every word that came from God strengthened my feeble body and spirit. I was able to arise again knowing and allowing Jesus to be my shepherd.


February 12, 2016

Still Standing

Life has knocked me down more times than I can count but the GRACE of GOD stands me up every time. From the time I was being knitted in my mothers womb the enemy tried to devise a plan to eliminate me. My mother was a teenager when she conceived me and family didn't think it was a good idea for her to have me being that she was so young (15 years old). God placed a boldness inside of my young mother to stand for LIFE. She chose to have me knowing that the road would not be easy. I am so honored that my mother chose me and reared me to the best of her ability.

Since the enemy could not take me out at birth, he decided to try again in my childhood. My innocence was STOLEN. A man who was suppose to love me and care for me robbed me of my purity. I endured the trauma from elementary until middle school. I created a world within a world so that I could cope with the heinous act. Playing sports were my escape because they helped me focus on something other than what I was going through. No one ever knew or suspected anything until one night I became BRAVE. I told my mother. That was the end but the effects of the abuse would cause me to spiral into an abusive relationship that nearly killed me.

After high school, I attended college. There I met a man who I dated for five years and everything was blissful at first. One night he showed me a side that I had never encountered before and he pushed me. I thought to myself maybe he was having a "bad day" and he continued to have "bad days." It started out with pushing then came the name calling, and punching. Again no one knew until one night God saved me from deaths door. He chocked me until I almost passed out and I can remember praying in my mind then he let me go. That night he not only damaged my vocal chords but he left a scar across my face for the world to see. I knew I had to get out or I wouldn't live to see my thirties.

I was looking for love and found it in the wrong place. I wanted so deeply to be loved by a man the right way. Thinking to myself that his love was going to cure me but it left me in shambles. I was no good for myself or anyone. I felt that I was broken beyond repair. During that time I knew of Jesus but didn't really know Him. I went to church with my mother every Sunday but that means nothing if you don't have a relationship with Jesus. My life was so fragile and I felt like GOD had abandoned me. I just knew in my heart that He didn't love me or care about my life. That was the furthest thing from the truth.

The more I encountered the Lord and HIS truth then I knew that it was HIS hand upon my life that kept resurrecting my lifeless body. Each time I got the wind knocked out of me God would just breathe life back into me. As I look back over my life I am reminded of God's GRACE & MERCY. If it had not been for the Lord, I would not be here sharing my story. I realize that as long as I have breath in this body that God has a purpose and plan for my life. It is greater than I ever could imagine that's why the enemy tries to take me out but the Lord has been teaching me to fight the GOOD FIGHT of faith. 

This journey that I am is not about me. It is about JESUS. He died so that WE could LIVE in Him. I am a living witness of God's love, grace, and redemption. There is purpose in the pain that I have endured since my youth. Nothing in my life is in vain. The Lord is taking the good and bad to paint a beautiful portrait. God is not through with you or me. There are dead bones in this land and God has sent me here to speak LIFE so that they can stand again!

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