May 30, 2015



Greetings to all my fellow readers! I know I have been away for two years but it was MUCH needed. I am alive and well. There are so MANY changes that have taken place in my life and I will share as time goes by. I hope all of you are well and I look forward to hearing from you. It feels so awkward blogging again but bare with me. I have to learn how to do this all OVER again. Much love to all of you!-Nicky.

May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday: Natural Resources Salon Photo Shoot

 Hello everyone! I hope all the mommies had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! It has been a minute since I have last posted but most of you know why! Read my last post to find out about my hiatus.  I am stopping in to share with you a flashback from 2011. It was a photo shoot that I took part in by Natural Resources Salon. The photo was taken by Point and Click Photography here in Houston,TX.
It was truly an honor to take part in that photo shoot. I loved getting my hair and makeup done by professionals. When I reviewed the final pictures, I didn't even recognize myself. I was like "Who is that woman"!! At that moment I felt like a million bucks. To go from a stay at home mom in sweats all the time to a goddess look in minutes was a dramatic transformation for me. God has really preserved me throughout the years because I do not look like what I have been through!
I posted this picture on my instagram about two months ago and that picture received rave reviews and the comments almost had me in tears! I am truly thankful for the opportunities that come my way and I know still the best is yet to come!

April 13, 2013

Stepping Into The Unknown

I am in a season of transitioning and I am stepping into the unknown. In order to fulfill my dreams, I have to leave my comfort zone.  For so long I have been comfortable where I am but God is telling me to come up higher. I am stepping out on FAITH and going after my dreams with all that I have within me. I know that Jesus will be there right by my side. Fear can't stop what God has destined for my life because I will not let it grip me any longer.

This is not easy for me but who said life would be easy! I see my future before me and to get to that beautiful place it will require faith bigger than a mustard seed. Obviously God knows I can do it or else He would have not planned it for me so therefore I TRUST Him! Sometimes we become too complacent in our lives and we never reach our full potential for whatever reason. I refuse to be that person that let their dreams die.  

Please keep me in your prayers during this season because I sure could use them as I step out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. Social media will take the backseat as I go through this challenging season but I will update my blog from time to time. You know I will let you know about the ups and downs I face so keep it tuned to Naturally Nicky!

Much Love!!!

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April 12, 2013

I Love Someone With AUTISM!!!

I love someone with Autism and he (Xavier) is my 6'4, 13 year old son. In honor of National Autism Awareness Month I want to introduce to you my handsome, talented and very funny young man. He is my firstborn child and I can remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday. He was born on November 14, 1999 weighing 9lbs 3oz and 2l inches long. I was in labor for 5 hours and it only took three pushes for him to come into this world.  Xavier was a big boy and I had him naturally (no meds)!!!! He was all mine and I couldn't wait to see him grow into who he was created to be.
My world came crumbling down when he was first diagnosed with Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) when he was 4 years old. We noticed that he was not developing as he should so we had some concerns. Next came all the tests that he had to go through to determine what was going on with my baby boy. The day came when my family and I were seated around the table with professionals from the medical and teacher backgrounds to hear those words AUTISM. I didn't know much about it at the time but as they began to inform me of this condition, I remember tears began rolling down my face. Literally my body felt like it was crumbling into pieces and I couldn't hardly breathe. I didn't know what the future would be like for my son.
Well one thing I knew is that God was in control and I began to pray like never before. My son could barely speak at the age of 4 but his first word was MOMMA!!! Praise GOD!!! Those words were like music to my ears! We had specialists to come into our home every week to work with him on his speech and behavior.  We had to change school districts because we felt like the special education teachers there were not equipped to handle our child. He also began to pick up odd behaviors from the other children but that all changed when we moved to Katy ISD. Through prayer and the awesome specialized teachers at Katy my son's progress began to excel.
My son is in 7th grade now and in a mainstream classroom. Hallelujah!!!!! Wait a minute, I am not finished. Xavier is on the football, basketball and track team at his school. I give all the GLORY to GOD!!! The kids at that middle school have been so kind and loving towards my son. I thought that he was going to have issues being that some kids are cruel in middle school but that has not been the case. They look after my son and also invite him to their birthday parties. **In tears** God is so good and He is faithful!!! I couldn't have imagined back when he first was diagnosed that this was going to be his future but GOD!!!
Yes my son still has his moments but he has learned how to control them the best way he knows how and he still likes to stick to his schedule. You will find him playing his videos games after he is finished with his homework. Xavier loves to dance and anytime music comes on there my son is dancing to the beat. It frees my soul as I see him overcome obstacles in his life and never give up. He is my hero! He is a momma's boy and he knows that he has a mother that will advocate for him until the end.

April 07, 2013

Just One Of Those Days!

Have you ever had one those days where your morning started off rough? Well, today was that day for me. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I was not in a good mood and my family was not making it any better. My children were dressed for church and my son decided to get himself dirty even before we made it to church. My husband made me late for Sunday school class and I was heated! I had to ask for forgiveness and not allow the devil to ruin my day.

As you can see I didn't even feel like dressing up today. Thank GOD I attend a church where we can wear jeans and you wont be judge!!! Not to get on this topic but I attended a church wedding  where you cant even enter if you are a woman wearing pants. What?????!!! Lord, please help your church! Okay moving on. I am so thankful that one of my Christian sisters in my class sensed my bad mood and asked if she could give me a hug! I broke down into tears because God knew what I needed and in that moment my mood changed! I was back to myself and in tune with the Spirit!

Yes, we may have one of those days but we cant dwell on those negatives events that may occur in our lives. We have a choice to turn it around or dwell in that negative energy. Things are going to happen but it is how you deal with those circumstances that will determine the life that you lead. Happiness is a choice and is in your hands! Don't let one of those days get the best of you! Count it ALL joy! 

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April 01, 2013

Spring Is Here

I hope everyone had a beautiful passion week as we celebrated the resurrection of Christ. I love this time of year because springs brings so much life. The colors are vibrant this time of year, the flowers are blooming again and we get to explore so much in the fashion world. One of the trends that is in this spring is the black and white/cream trend. This has to be one of my favorite trends this year besides the floral patterns.

I was sent this dress from their spring collection by eshakti an online women's designer fashion store that allows you to also customize your dress. I was able to add a sleeveless v-neck top, a pair of pockets, and length down to the knees. It is so much fun being able to customize your dress to fit your needs. You feel like a designer too!! They also have added bridesmaids dresses to their spring lineup. 

I must admit that I truly felt like a princess in this beautiful spring time dress. The compliments were overwhelming on yesterday. I really don't like a lot of attention but this dress brought it on! I love dresses that make you feel and look like a lady. If you want that same feeling then head on over and click here.

Happy Spring!!!

March 25, 2013

Face Your Fears

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FEAR means TO BE AFRAID OF per Webster Online Dictionary.


The Most Common Fears: 

Fear of Flying
Fear of Public Speaking 
Fear of Heights
Fear of the Dark
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Being Alone
Fear of Abandonment
Fear of Change
Fear of Crowds
Fear of Open Spaces
Fear of Death/Dying
Fear of Failure
Fear of the Unknown
Fear of Loss
Fear of Being Judged

Can you identify with any of these I listed above? I don't know about you but I can identify with a couple of them. Well if you can now is the time for us to face our fear/s. One thing I know for sure is that fear will paralyze you. You will not be able to move forward in life as long as that fear is keeping you bound.  It will cause you to miss out on opportunities or relationships of a lifetime. I think it is natural to be afraid but not natural to allow the fear to overcome you.

I also know that God has not given us a spirit of fear but love, power, and a sound mind. (2Timothy1:7) Fear is not from God but it comes from Satan.  He uses these fear tactics to stop us from our destiny. Through the years some of those fears that I had are gone due to drawing closer to God. As I began to see myself as He sees me then some of those fears went away. I learned that I had to get to the root of those fears so I could uproot them from my life. Most of the fears I had occurred while I was a child and I had to go through some intensive healing sessions to be set free!

 About a couple of weeks ago, I went to the rodeo with my husband. Our seats were considered the nosebleed seats because they were practically at the top of the dome. I am afraid of heights and as I began to walk upstairs to my seat my heart started pounding and sweat started to appear. I immediately wanted to turn around and go home. "Jesus help me" is what I prayed when we got to our seats. Nausea started to arise and the pounding headache wasn't making the situation any better. I could barely stand up to sing the national anthem. Here is the turning point about ten minutes later it all went away. The Lord revealed to me that as I began to shift my focus from what was happening with me and onto the show then the fear went away because I was no longer feeding my fear. WOW!

I am no expert or counselor but I know that we have to learn how to overcome our fear with the Love of God. God's love will fill every void in us so that there is no room for fear! Let's shift our focus from that fear and place our focus on God the one who will bring us through. One thing is for sure GOD is with us and for us so who can stop us!!! No one can stop us but ourselves! Fear get thee behind us!!!!!!!!!!
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