November 30, 2016

The Time Has Come

Dear Butterflies,

This is the last day of November 2016 and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. On November 1, 2016 while I was journaling the HOLY SPIRIT said, "THE TIME HAS COME" and I didn't know immediately what that meant. I knew in the days to come that Jesus would reveal more as time went by. I knew that whatever it meant that my mind, body, and soul was at peace. Every season and trial we go through is to prepare us for the next and I knew GOD had prepared me for whatever I was about to face.

Behold, the Lord GOD has blessed me with two ministries that were birthed through prayer and intercession.

I started a youth ministry (Chosen Generation) for teens on November 9, 2016. We gather together twice a month and I teach them how to live according to GOD's Holy Word. The first night there was a young man who has a very dark past but a very bright future and the Holy SPIRIT started to move quickly. I was preparing snacks for the teens in the kitchen and all of sudden, I started to minister to the young man. He began to cry and the next thing I know I held him in my arms and we both cried. I knew at that moment that I was right where I was suppose to be!

Since my youth GOD has been laying the homeless men and women on my heart. I have always wanted to do more for them instead of giving a dollar or two, here or there. Here I am at 37 years old and God moved upon my heart swiftly to gather a team that will go and minister to the homeless. I didn't ask any questions, I just moved in faith. I knew that if no one went with me that I would go by myself because GOD had given me this vision. The time had come to feed HIS sheep!

On November 19, 2016, FEEDING THE MULTITUDE was born. A team of six plus JESUS CHRIST (=7) went out on the streets of Houston, TX to spread the LOVE OF GOD. We encountered men and women from all walks of life. We handed out food and toiletry packs along with blankets. But we didnt just stop there, we prayed for healing, deliverance and prophesied into their lives. The presence of GOD was so thick and strong out there on the streets as we ministered!!! There was a time where I could barely stand straight because of His holy presence. Jesus came to set the captives FREE and that is exactly what HE DID that SATURDAY!

It was as if time was waiting on me to step into that day and fulfill my purpose. Honestly, I felt like Jesus had given me a slice of HEAVEN on that beautiful day. I felt a peace I had never known before. There where times I felt like I was floating and Jesus was carrying me to everyone He wanted me to encounter. The sun was shining so bright, the winds were blowing, and everything seemed so perfect as we LOVED on GOD's people. We held their hands and hugged them as we heard their stories. They cried, laughed, and praised GOD! My life was forever changed on November 19, 2016. It was the day before my birthday. What a GIFT!

I am so honored to serve others and to be an ambassador for JESUS CHRIST. I pray that I represent Him well!!!

Faith without works is dead and I barely had a penny to my bank account but GOD showed up through others to bless both ministries. Step out and TRUST GOD no matter what it looks like! If GOD has told you "TO GO" please move out in FAITH. Everything you need is waiting on you but you have to move past your fears. Trust GOD with your life, your ministry and or businesses. The Lord wants His people to prosper so they can advance His KINGDOM here on Earth. People are waiting on our obedience! You are a key to unlock their future! 

Love Always,


November 11, 2016

To My Bride

To My Bride,

I know you don't understand everything that is taking place right now but I want you to trust me. I am in control. I know the beginning from the end. There are so many changes taking place so I want you to be still and hear my voice. You must take time to hear my still small voice in the midst of the transitions. I will direct you and show you which way to go. I have already ordained your footsteps since the beginning of time. Align yourself with my Spirit and He will lead you down that path.

I am preparing you my dear child. As you follow me, you will mature in my ways. I am deepening your faith and strengthening your spiritual muscles.  The old has to pass away so that you can become everything I desire you to be. I desire for you to walk in my fullness and know your true identity in me. Come away with me my beloved into the secret place. I have so many things to share with you. Press in a little deeper and you will experience my heart. You are so precious to me and I want to display my love for you.

I know at times you feel like giving up or loosing hope but that is the time you need to dig in deeper. That is the time you need to praise me in spite of what your emotions are telling you. Don't let frustration or discouragement take your eyes off of me, The Light of the World. Allow my strength to take over your weaknesses. I am your refuge. I am your hiding place. Come rest in the green meadows and hear the melodies of my heart. I am singing over you know. Can you hear it? 

One day my child we will soon be together again. Yes, I knew you before I knitted you in your mother's womb. I am so delighted you found me. I am getting you ready for the great wedding feast. I designed your dress and it is tailor made just for you. Don't worry about the blemishes or spots because they are being washed away by my blood. Make sure you are ready when I arrive and keep your lamps filled. No one knows the time or hour but my FATHER. I am coming back for you my bride and I will be so honored to see you standing in my glory. 

Until We Meet Again,

The Bridegroom

November 05, 2016

My Tears

My Tears
by: Nicky Cash

My tears have left a trail of untold stories that have yet to be told.
When I could find no one to confide in, I confided in my tears.
There were countless nights and mornings that were greeted with my tears.
The pain I experienced, my body could not conceive so I cried.
I laid awake many moons, staring at the stars hoping for the best.
The best never came.
So my tears became my prayers when I ran out of words to express.
I  cried myself a river of the sufferings and injustices that left me numb.
Hoping that one day someone would see my trail.
Days, weeks, and years went by and my tears became an ocean.
An ocean of grief and depression.
I was drowning.
Drowning in life's mishaps.
But I held on.
Held on until I was rescued.
Rescued by my Saviour.
His arms reached down into the depths of my tears,
And pulled me out.
I finally was able to see THE LIGHT beyond my tears.
He was there all along.
The sky opened and Heaven was in my sight.
I saw that He collected everyone of my tears.
I cried. 
 But this time they were tears of knowing someone cared
about my tears.

October 26, 2016

The High Road

The High Road
by: Nicky Cash

There is a road that doesn't see many take its path. It is the road of the High Calling. A road where you abandon who you think you are and become everything that GOD designed you to be. A road where GOD is constantly refining you in the fire and removing impurities so that He can see Himself in you.

Not many will understand your walk down this path.  Many will soon drift away, if not all. You will soon look around and realize that everyone has become a distant memory. Everything that you once knew and had in your possession, evaporated into thin air.  As you travel further down this road, you realize that it is just you and GOD. 

  You are back in the GARDEN. A place of vulnerability. The place where God always wanted you to be, naked and unashamed before Him. There are no masquerade balls taking place on this road so there is no need for masks.  You get to experience the authenticity of who you really are. The real you comes to the surface. 

This is a road of a beautiful exchange, a laying down of your life to live in Him. A road of heartaches, pains, and suffering. A road of isolation and sometimes loneliness. A road of ups and downs but more downs than ups. A road of preparation. A road of the unknown but a path designed to deepen your faith.

Many have tried and failed to stay on this road. Others have taken a different path. But there are a few who have been chosen to go the distance. When you see them endowed with the Glory of God you will know they took the high road and stayed. 

October 17, 2016

His Masterpiece

His Masterpiece
by: Nicky Cash

I was intricately woven by the Creator's Hand in my mother's womb. 
He became the artist and I became His canvas. 
Every detail of my being  painted with strokes of His love.
He delighted in me.
Melodies filled the very atmosphere of His gallery.
He sung over me.
The sound of His voice permeated my soul and caused my heart to take its first beat.
He brought me to life.
The once blank canvas was now filled with vivid colors of His Grace.
His masterpiece.
I became a reflection of Him.
No longer a thought but a reality.
A reality of His very existence.
He created me in His perfection,
Piece by piece.
I am a beautiful portrait of His Likeness.
An ode to God.
His beloved bride.
Awaiting His return in the chambers of His heart.
Until we meet again,
Forever His.

September 29, 2016

Grandma's Faith

Grandma's Faith
by: Nicky Cash

I can no longer live off my grandma's faith.
She's no longer here and she has taken the faith I once knew.
I must get my own faith.
But how?
How do I even get that faith the size of a mustard seed?
I don't even have enough faith to move anything except the doubt, confusion, and worry that travels through my mind.
I have been in this place way too long.
It is time for change.
Within the depths of my soul, I know I was born for more.
My grandmother left me a legacy.
She left me Jesus Christ!
I will stand on my own two feet.
I am seeking Jesus for myself just like my grandmother did.
I am diving in head first so that my mind can be set free from the torment of yesterday.
I am ready.
I am ready to stop making excuses and live the life I deserve through Jesus.
I will not hold back any longer because time waits for no one.
I am believing that one day I will have the faith my grandmother had.
But for right now, I will settle for the mustard seed.

September 14, 2016

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

I have seen your countless tears and I have collected everyone of them. Nothing gets by me. I see everything that concerns you. I am nearer than you think. I am always with you. I have never left you. I wait every morning to hear your voice and to see your face my beloved. I treasure you and each moment that we spend together. I am your FATHER and what FATHER doesn't long to be with their children! I long to spend every awakened moment with you. 

My greatest desire is for you to know me. I want you to have a revelation of who I AM! When you  know who I AM then you have no worries or fears because you TRUST ME. You understand that you are deeply loved and there is no room for insecurities in your life because I complete you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in my image. You are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with you. Your flaws are beautiful to me.


Freedom is here my child if you so desire it. I desire for you to be FREE in who I created you to be. You have my permission to be who I fashioned you to be. You are my masterpiece and formed in my GLORY. You are chosen. Chosen to be light and the salt of the earth. You are the flavor the world needs my darling child. You are a light to their darkness. DO NOT FEAR! Fear will only stop you from doing what I have purposed you to do. You are MORE THAN a conqueror. You are victorious because I payed a price for you to be FREE!

I love you with an ever lasting love. A love that will never die. My love for you is eternal my beloved daughter. With all that is going on around you, keep your eyes fixed on me. Step out of the boat and come into the deep. The deep is where I am and I want you there also. I want to take you places that you can not even imagine. There are places and people that I have assigned to you that are waiting on you my dear child. They need what I have given you. You were made for this and you can do it all through my son, Jesus. 



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