April 13, 2013

Stepping Into The Unknown

I am in a season of transitioning and I am stepping into the unknown. In order to fulfill my dreams, I have to leave my comfort zone.  For so long I have been comfortable where I am but God is telling me to come up higher. I am stepping out on FAITH and going after my dreams with all that I have within me. I know that Jesus will be there right by my side. Fear can't stop what God has destined for my life because I will not let it grip me any longer.

This is not easy for me but who said life would be easy! I see my future before me and to get to that beautiful place it will require faith bigger than a mustard seed. Obviously God knows I can do it or else He would have not planned it for me so therefore I TRUST Him! Sometimes we become too complacent in our lives and we never reach our full potential for whatever reason. I refuse to be that person that let their dreams die.  

Please keep me in your prayers during this season because I sure could use them as I step out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. Social media will take the backseat as I go through this challenging season but I will update my blog from time to time. You know I will let you know about the ups and downs I face so keep it tuned to Naturally Nicky!

Much Love!!!

My Style
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Necklace: Forever 21
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