April 01, 2013

Spring Is Here

I hope everyone had a beautiful passion week as we celebrated the resurrection of Christ. I love this time of year because springs brings so much life. The colors are vibrant this time of year, the flowers are blooming again and we get to explore so much in the fashion world. One of the trends that is in this spring is the black and white/cream trend. This has to be one of my favorite trends this year besides the floral patterns.

I was sent this dress from their spring collection by eshakti an online women's designer fashion store that allows you to also customize your dress. I was able to add a sleeveless v-neck top, a pair of pockets, and length down to the knees. It is so much fun being able to customize your dress to fit your needs. You feel like a designer too!! They also have added bridesmaids dresses to their spring lineup. 

I must admit that I truly felt like a princess in this beautiful spring time dress. The compliments were overwhelming on yesterday. I really don't like a lot of attention but this dress brought it on! I love dresses that make you feel and look like a lady. If you want that same feeling then head on over and click here.

Happy Spring!!!
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