April 07, 2013

Just One Of Those Days!

Have you ever had one those days where your morning started off rough? Well, today was that day for me. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I was not in a good mood and my family was not making it any better. My children were dressed for church and my son decided to get himself dirty even before we made it to church. My husband made me late for Sunday school class and I was heated! I had to ask for forgiveness and not allow the devil to ruin my day.

As you can see I didn't even feel like dressing up today. Thank GOD I attend a church where we can wear jeans and you wont be judge!!! Not to get on this topic but I attended a church wedding  where you cant even enter if you are a woman wearing pants. What?????!!! Lord, please help your church! Okay moving on. I am so thankful that one of my Christian sisters in my class sensed my bad mood and asked if she could give me a hug! I broke down into tears because God knew what I needed and in that moment my mood changed! I was back to myself and in tune with the Spirit!

Yes, we may have one of those days but we cant dwell on those negatives events that may occur in our lives. We have a choice to turn it around or dwell in that negative energy. Things are going to happen but it is how you deal with those circumstances that will determine the life that you lead. Happiness is a choice and is in your hands! Don't let one of those days get the best of you! Count it ALL joy! 

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