May 04, 2012

The Best Hair Steamer: Huetiful

About a year ago, there was an influx of YT videos on this hair steamer (Huetiful Hair Steamer). I just knew I had to get my hands on this steamer because they all basically said that your hair was so much easier to manage or detangle after using the steamer. As a natural hair woman with thick hair this is excellent news because natural hair can be tough to mange if you do not have the right products or regimen. 

The company states that this hair steamer will restore moisture to your hair 5 times better than conditioner alone. It is very easy to assemble and all you need is water to go inside the chamber to produce the steam. I use bottle water that is just my preference. You can purchase this product at It will cost you $119.95 and the shipping is free.

You can use whatever deep conditioner you like on freshly clean hair and then sit up under the steamer for about 20 minutes. Most ladies either are texting or reading a magazine while under the steamer. You will need a towel because the mist will cause droplets of water to run down your face. The steamer will let you know when you are finished. It is as simple as 123. My hair is so much easier to manage and since using this steamer my hair has a nice shine to it! My friends are always telling me how soft my hair is and I attribute it to the Huetiful.

The Huetiful is worth every penny of my money spent. Since using this steamer during my one year natural hair journey, I have had no moisture issues. I am now going into my three year natural hair journey and still no issues. This is a great investment for happy hair!!!

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